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Cozy Carrier

Small : 16.5″ x 12.5″ x 11.5″
$144 USD

Large : 19.5″ x 16″ x 14″
$168 USD

Large Brown/Cream, Carmine/Grey & Brown/Grey
Currently Unavailable
Cozy Pet Carrier Brown and CreamCozy Carrier Carmine and Grey

Cozy Carrier Plush BeddingCozy Carrier Brown and Grey

For stress-free travel, in style and comfort

Your dog or cat is sure to LOVE this Cozy Carrier!

- Use it as your pet’s bed at home, and/or as a stylish
carrier when you’re on the go – your pet will be familiar
with the feel and the smell of the Cozy Carrier as a bed
so he/she will feel safe and comfortable traveling in it too.

- Open the zippered mesh-top cover easily from different
angles, or remove it completely to create a cozy bed.

- Includes a top handle; a padded shoulder strap, and a
removable, reversible and washable interior pad.

- Cool nylon on one side; warm, cozy plush on the other.

- Ample interior space for your pet’s comfort.

Choose from :

- Red
- Brown
- Powder Blue
- Tan
- Carmine Lake (Carmine/Grey)
- Almond Chocolate (Cream/Brown)
- Misty Espresso (Grey/Brown)

The Small Cozy Carrier is suitable for a pet weighing up to 15lbs.
The Large Cozy Carrier is suitable for a pet weighing up to 20lbs.


The Small Cozy Carrier fits under the airline seat in front of you, and meets the in-cabin guidelines of most airlines (see Westjet, Air Canada & Jazz and United Airlines).

Just a word of advice

Please don’t leave your pet (especially a puppy or a kitten) unattended inside the Cozy Carrier with the zipper closed. If you do, he/she could become anxious and chew or pull on the zipper – that’s not good for your pet, OR the Cozy Carrier.

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A convenient side pocketCozy Carrier Open TopRemove the top of the Cozy Carrier to create a cool and comfortable summer bed
Yorkie In A Cozy CarrierThe liner is removable and washableCat Carrier Pet Bed

One Review for “Cozy Carrier”

  1. Char said...

    So happy I bought this carrier! my cat loves it and when she has to go to the vet she jumps right in! it has been a life saver. And it’s so plush inside that even the vet tech’s want one for their pets. thank you for this amazing product!

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