The Best Piddle-Proof Dog-Bed Protector

The Best Piddle-Proof Dog-Bed Protector

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The Best Piddle-Proof Dog-Bed Protector
Absorbent, waterproof, eco-friendly

Well designed and well made dog beds don’t come cheap, and it takes only one little “accident” to damage or even ruin one. This is especially true if your dog is getting old or incontinent.

The Piddle-Proof Dog-Bed Protector, with its terry-cloth surface and its layer of absorbent, waterproof polyurethane, is the solution! Manufactured using the latest technology, it’s designed to protect your investment by extending the life of your dog’s bed.

Our Piddle-Proof Dog-Bed Protectors are made with the same high-performance material you’d find in mattress and pillow protectors used by babies and adults. Unlike traditional vinyl or polyurethane protectors, the terry-cloth surface absorbs the liquid into the cotton fiber without letting it penetrate through the polyurethane membrane to stain the bed underneath. And the terry-cloth surface is soft, cool and quiet to sleep on.

Good for your dog, good for the planet

Our Piddle-Proof Dog-Bed Protector protects your dog’s bed from the stains, odors and residue from incontinence or other accidents. The porous material of the protector also helps the bed BREATHE, keeping the interior dry and preventing the growth of mildew.

It’s also good for the planet. The protector extends the life of the bed, so fewer dog beds are now being disposed of in landfills.

  • The zippered cover effectively protects your dog’s bed from the wetnessand odors caused by drooling, incontinence or other little unfortunate accidents.
  • Waterproof zipper reinforces the protection
  • The zipper puller is hidden, so your dog can’t pull the zipper
  • Machine-washable (see washing instructions below) - comes with a complimentary mesh sack that can be used for washing your Piddle-Proof Dog Bed Protector.
  • For maximum protection, use underneath a regular dog-bed cover(check out our canvas dog-bed cover designs)
  • These protectors fit any dog beds or memory-form beds of a similar shapeor size, not just our One for Pets Classic Pillow Beds


  • Small: 21″L x 27″W x 5″H
  • Medium: 27″L x 36″W x 5″H
  • Large: 34″L x 45″W x 5″H
  • Round: 36″ in diameter x 5″H

Color: Tan

Washing instructions

  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Machine wash warm
  • Tumble dry low, or line dry
  • For extra protection, use the complimentary mesh sack when washing your Piddle-Proof Dog Bed Protector.
The Best Piddle-Proof Dog Bed Protector


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