Siesta Indoor/Outdoor Pillow Pet Bed

Siesta Indoor/Outdoor Pillow Pet Bed

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Fun and Vibrant Indoor/Outdoor Beds Will Bring Your Living-room Comfort to the Great Outdoors

Water Repellent, UV-resistant & Machine Washable

This series of beautiful Indoor/Outdoor Pillow Beds are made from Spanish made imported fabric for extra durability, long-term performance and comfort.

Acrylic fabrics can wick moisture and dry quickly. The yarns have the lowest static of all manufactured fibers and a medium luster. One of the most important properties of Acrylic yarns is its strength. It keeps its strength in wet or dry conditions and is very resilient. Depending on the treatments applied to the fabric, Acrylic fabrics can be abrasion, stain, sunlight, and chemical resistant.

Choose from :

- Orange
- Green
- Denim
- Brown
- Red
- Purple Stripes

Available Sizes:

Small : 21″ x 27″ x 5″ tall
Medium : 27″ x 36″ x 5″ tall
Large : 34″ x 45″ x 5″ tall

Extra Care
  • Extend the life of the pillow bed by keeping them free of dirt and foliage.
  • Dust and waterborne stains can be simply rinsed off.
  • Store indoors during inclement weather or when not in use for long periods of time.
  • To prevent mildew, stand pillow beds on end and dry completely before storing.
  • Covers are removable with zipper
  • Use a laundry mesh to protect the cover when machine washing

To protect the pillow bed, we recommend a Piddle-Proof Pillow Bed Protector, an individual absorbent and waterproof bed cover.

And when it’s time to freshen up your dog’s bed, choose an attractive Replacement Cover.

water resistant

outdoor use

uv resistant











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